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Diet Soda Deception

When it comes to weight loss, drinking diet soda instead of regular seems like a no-brainer. The sugar-free substitution saves you 140 calories a can and seems to satisfy your sweet tooth. But for all the skinny promises and celebrity promotions, rec...

Who Can You Trust With Your Health?

Every day millions of people watch “The Dr. Oz Show” and “The Doctors.” These top-rated programs have a huge influence on how health information is relayed to the American public. Of course the hosts of these shows are charismatic and convincing, tha...


5 Easy Tips for Healthy Eating

March is National Nutrition Month. Not only is it a great time to eat right, it’s a great month to reevaluate the resolutions you made in January. If you’re struggling to meet the goals you set for yourself on New Year’s don’t stress. Keeping resolut...

Guilt Free Chocolate

Chocolate is the food we most associate with Valentine’s Day and for good reason. No other food possesses chocolate’s mysterious appeal or has such a powerful chemical effect on our brain and body. In fact, when chocolate was first introduced to Euro...