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Dr. Ellen Albertson

"A mind and body harmonizing mechanic with a flair for compassion (She is a Dr.!) Helping you to find wholeness and well being!"

Johnney G Scott


"Dr. Ellen Albertson is a true innovator, using self-compassion techniques to help women lose weight healthfully, make peace with food and transform the way they feel about their bodies and selves. She is in the forefront of practitioners using this ground breaking psychological technique to transform lives and bodies."

Dr. Kristin Neff, Ph.D., Professor of human development at the University of Texas at Austin & author of Self-Compassion

Dr. Ellen is an answer to a long-term  prayer.  I have struggled with body image/acceptance issues for 35 years and in a matter of a few short months, she has broken through the chains that have bound me for so very long. I am so very grateful for her expertise, guidance, and professionalisim.  She is AMAZING and has a true gift of healing the physical and emotional ties that bind us women to unrealistic and unhealthy standards. 

Nancy Gring, Orange, California


"Dieting never worked for me. As soon as I would start depriving myself, I would eat twice as much the following meal or the following week, and ended up gaining weight. Dr. Albertson helped me set goals to reach a lifestyle that I can maintain while feeling happy and good about myself. Smash puts you on a different path and improves your health and well-being for good."

Nathalie Bohl, Ph.D., Professor University of Vermont

"Ellen is a skilled Psychologist and Nutrition Expert who listens closely to her clients as she assists them in creating a healthy lifestyle that is appropriate for the individual, not a typical 'one size fits all' way of thinking about women’s wellness."

Barbara Elfman, M.S., Harvard Graduate School of Design


"It's great to give up the scale and drop the idea of dieting. Being mindful of what I am eating and noticing how my body reacts to that food is making me have a better relationship with food. I want to thank Dr. A for helping me with my emotional eating. It may not be cured, but every day I feel stronger and better able to deal with it. Dr. A is very good to talk with, I encourage anyone reading this to sign up for a session with her."

Janet Mackinnon, Ontario, Canada


"I worked with Ellen several years back and have reached out to her over the years when I need an extra 'push'. Health is not just a profession for her; it is a lifestyle, and something she wants to share with all her clients. She genuinely cares about her clients.

She didn't just spew facts; she takes the time to listen. She never gives up improving her skills - she's a true gem!"

Miriam Speert Crowley, Partners Healthcare