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Dr. A's Programs

Losing weight and creating a life you love is challenging. I'm here to help.

Each week I hold live, online counseling and coaching sessions that are FREE with your membership. Based on my 21 years experience working with women and my training as a Registered Dietitian, Psychologist, Mindful Self-Compassion teacher and Wellness Coach I’ve develop four highly effective programs.

1) Lose Weight, Feel Great: Nutrition Counseling, Behavioral Therapy and Wellness Coaching with Dr. A

While most weight loss programs only focus on the body my program focuses on your physcial, psychological and spiritual needs. You can work with me each week to get the expert advice, motivation, accountability and support you need to succeed.  

I’ll help you address ALL the key areas of weight loss including:


         Behavior Change

         Attunement (Learning to love and listen to your body.)



         Stress Reduction

         Fullfilment (Giving yourself what you need to stop emotional eating feel happy and whole.)


Through weekly, 30 minute live online coaching sessions you’ll focus on YOUR unique needs and rewire your brain for weight loss. Plus, I’ll simplify the science of weight loss and help you:

         • Create a vision for the new, lighter, healthier you

         • Set and keep goals

         • Boost self-esteem and self-confidence

         • Eat mindfully

         • Develop new, healthy habits

         • Maximize motivation

         • Exercise the right way to maximize weight loss

         • Keep stress and sleep deprivation from sabotaging your waistline

         • Make peace with food, curb overeating and emotional eating

         • Develop am eating plan and exercise program that work for you

         • Uncover the obstacles that are blocking your weight loss success

         • Stay motivated

Plus, you’ll get the support of other women just like you and realize that you are not alone in your weight loss journey. 


2) Self-Compassion in Action

Life is a wild ride. Self-compassion, learning to treat yourself the way you would a good friend, can help you handle difficult moments in your life with more grace and less stress, pain and anxiety. I’ll provide you with simple, effective, scientifically proven techniques that will enable you to call on your own inner resources to soothe yourself in times of stress or pain.


With your Smash Your Scale membership you can attend weekly 30-minute sessions where you’ll learn both informal and formal (meditation) practices that teach you how to:

• INCREASE motivation and healthy behaviors like eating right and exercising

• INCREASE life and relationship satisfaction

• INCREASE mindfulness and emotional wellbeing

• DECREASE emotional eating

• DECREASE anxiety, depression and stress

• DECREASE depression and stress


3) Women’s Wellness Program

This dynamic program will empower you to optimizing your health and happiness while boosting vitality, energy, prosperity and longevity. You’ll rate your satisfaction in 9 areas of your life:










Then each week you’ll meet with me and focus on specific areas that you’d like to work on to bring more balance and fulfillment to your life. 


4) Smash Your Scale e-course

Sick of counting calories, dieting and the scale? My Smash Your Scale e-course is a six-week self-directed program that will help you to stop dieting, end your weight obsession and make peace with your body and food. 


During the week you can also contact me 24/7 to ask questions and get support via the Smash Your Scale membership board.

For a list of my weekly sessions click here.

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