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  1. Who is this website for?

    Smash Your Scale is for:

    • Women who are sick and tired of being lied to and manipulated by the diet industry and no longer want the scale, food restriction and media inspired weight obsession to rule their lives.
    • Women who are looking for a safe, effective, private, supportive, nonjudgmental program that provides tools to maximize health and wellbeing in a positive, empowering, environment.
    • Women who want to know the scientific and medical truth about health, nutrition, wellness and weight loss explained in an easy to understand and utilize manner, provided by a qualified medical professional they can trust.
    • Women who want to change America’s thin-centric obsession into a culture that acknowledges beauty, health, happiness and success come in all shapes and sizes.
  2. How does the site/program work?

    The site is built around Dr. Albertson’s scientifically based nutrition therapies and psychological tools designed specifically to help women end dieting oppression and weight obsession; accept, trust and appreciate their bodies; make peace with and enjoy food and maximize wellness, joy and abundance. When you join you get immediate access to everything on the site including Dr. A’s self-guided, step-by-step Women’s Wellness and Self-Compassion Therapy Program: Maximize Your Body, Mind, Self… And Never Diet Again where Dr. A presents new, life-changing tools and therapies every week.

    In addition, Dr. A personally leads many interactive live SMASH video support groups each week. Free to all members, these sessions are designed to provide the psychological support and nutrition information you need to succeed. Dr. A will personally keep you motivated, answer your questions and provide the positive environment to optimize your health and life.

  3. What makes Dr. A qualified?

    Dr. Ellen Albertson is a PhD Psychologist and Registered Dietitian with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition. She is also a Licensed Wellness Coach and former Master Personal Fitness Trainer. Take a look at the About section for more information on her professional credentials, accomplishments and experience. You’ll be impressed.

  4. How long does the program take?

    The program is highly individualized. You work on one module per week, but it’s fine to take longer if you like. You work at your own pace. It’s up to you.

  5. I’m sick of all the misleading diet and fitness programs available that don’t work. Will Smash Your Scale work for me?

    After all the ways women have been abused by the lies of the diet industry it’s understandable many are frustrated and skeptical. Dr. A started Smash Your Scale because women deserve a safe place to get support, motivation and direction for their nutrition, health and fitness needs without hype or being bombarded by advertising. As a Psychologist, Registered Dietitian, Wellness Coach and former Master Personal Fitness Trainer with over 20 years of experience helping women maximize their health and wellness, she has the training and skills to put you on the road to success.

    You won’t find empty promises, quick fix schemes or “fat-busting” supplements on Smash Your Scale, only scientific facts and evidenced based therapies. Unlike misleading diet programs, this is not a one-size-fits all program. You and your body are unique. As Dr. A says: “My program will work for you because I provide a wide variety of proven tools, techniques, suggestions and personal, live, online support. You can choose the most effective approach for yourself if you like or I can lead you through the process. I am dedicated to the health and success of every member. Whatever works for you is what we do.”

  6. Will I lose weight?

    Many of our members do lose weight on the program, but that’s not the point. The point is to get weight out of your life equation so you can focus on health and happiness. You’ll find when you join SMASH and follow the self-care programs and use the nutrition information and psychological techniques Dr. A will teach you that dieting will become a thing of the past. You’ll stop worrying about your weight and wonder why you ever subjected yourself to stressful eating regimens and exercise routines when finally you can maintain a healthy, stable, attractive weight that is perfect for you. No more diets. No more hunger. No more guilt.

  7. Are you going to put me on a diet?

    NO! Was that loud enough?

    Smash Your Scale is not a diet website. It’s a get healthy so you don’t need diets website. Here you will learn how to break free from diets and eat for health and enjoyment… guilt free. No “miracle foods,” “fat busters,” or “a bikini-body” by tomorrow promises. No “secret formula supplements” that dissolves thigh fat while you sleep. See how silly these claims look in the bright light of logic? No one would ever fall for them, right? But we do, us women, over and over again. Why, how? Dr. A addresses this very issue and how to protect yourself in Level 1 of her Women’s Wellness and Self-Compassion Therapy Program.

  8. Do I have to buy any special food?

    Absolutely not! The food you eat and buy every day is fine. In fact, one of the major goals of SYS is for you to enjoy food, without guilt or regret.

  9. Do I have to exercise?

    There is nothing you “have to do” on this program. The point is to provide you with the guidance, help, tools and support you need to stop dieting and start getting healthy. No workouts required.

  10. What’s the BrainSpa?

    Need a break? Try the BrainSpa, a manicure for your mind and pedicure for your spirit. Free to all members, the Spa includes podcasts on effortless weight management, self-compassion, emotional freedom, as well as meditations and guided visualizations. Don’t worry if you’ve never meditated before. My intro podcast will guide you step-by-step.

  11. What is Self-Compassion Therapy?

Self-Compassion Therapy teaches you how to treat yourself with kindness rather then criticism. Using it in your daily life, which you will learn how to do on Smash Your Scale, will help you end your weight and body image struggles and be happier and healthier. My research with hundreds of women like you proved Self-Compassion Therapy has a significant, positive, impact on body image. Woman who listened to self-compassion meditation podcasts, similar to the ones you’ll find in my program, experienced a clinically significant decrease in body shame and body dissatisfaction and an increase in self-compassion and body appreciation. Not only will practicing self-compassion improve your body image, it will transform your life. A growing body of research shows that self-compassion is positively associated with life-satisfaction, wisdom and optimism. It can also decrease depression, anxiety and stress. All without a prescription!

12.  How do I know the information here is valid?

The program is based on the latest scientific evidence. Dr. A includes links to medical research and psychological studies so you can check any claims. In addition, the site is reviewed and updated constantly to insure the information is up-to-date with the latest scientific research and medical information. As a PhD researcher with over 20 years experience in the fields of psychology, health, fitness and nutrition, Dr. Albertson knows how to sort fact from fiction and detect diet frauds masquerading as science.

13.  Why don’t you accept advertising? Everyone else does.

Smash Your Scale is solely supported by our members. Your membership insures Dr. A will never have to accept advertising, can always tell the truth, beholden to no one except the members of this website. Look at all the advertising on other sites… do you really think they can be honest while getting paid off by the food and diet industries?

“My mission is simple: To serve the Smash Community, reveal diet deceptions and help you stop dieting and start getting healthy and happy in mind, body and spirit so you can live the life you want. That’s why I will never accept advertising on this website.”

14.  How will my privacy be protected?

Your information is stored in a protected database. Under no circumstances will we ever share, sell or make available any information about our members. Your membership is completely confidential and will always remain so. I encourage you to look at our Privacy Policy in more detail. You’ll find the link at the bottom of this page.

15.  How does billing work?

Simple, 14.95 per month for everything. Cancel at any time. Your credit card is billed monthly.

Take a look at our User Agreement for more details.

16.  How can you charge so little, only 14.95 per month?

Dr. A’s goal is to make the resources here available to as many women as possible. To do so, she insists on keeping the price low so the site is affordable for the majority women.

17.  How do I reset my password?

If you're already logged in, simply click here to change your password. You can also change your password from your My Account page. If you have forgotten your password and are unable to login. Click the "Forgot Your Password?" link on the login page.