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Metabolism Myths

Do you blame your inability to lose weight on your metabolism? Many of my clients do and use their “slow metabolism” as an excuse to avoid making the lifestyle changes that lead to a healthier weight and a higher state of wellbeing. Metabolism is a term that describes all the … Read More »

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Bulletproof Coffee: Trendy, but Terrible

Crazy diets come and go. We’ve endured The Cabbage Soup Diet (yuk!), Five Bite (an eating disorder waiting to happen), The Tapeworm Diet (lethal!) and The Twinkie Diet (yes, you live on nothing but Twinkies) to name a few. Just when you think there’s nothing new diet … Read More »

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International No Diet Day

Americans spend billions of dollars every year on dieting, hoping the latest celebrity diet doc, “miracle fat melting supplement,” or ridiculous weight loss regime (only take five bites, only eat cabbage, only eat Neanderthal food), will magically burn fat, melt away the pounds and give them … Read More »

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Diet Soda Deception

When it comes to weight loss, drinking diet soda instead of regular seems like a no-brainer. The sugar-free substitution saves you 140 calories a can and seems to satisfy your sweet tooth. But for all the skinny promises and celebrity promotions, recent research questions diet soda’s effectiveness as a weight … Read More »

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Exercise Study Short Changes Weight Loss and Women

Regular exercise is important for overall health and has a positive impact on weight loss. According to The National Weight Control Registry, the largest prospective investigation of long-term successful weight loss, 90% of people who lose weight and keep it off exercise daily. That’s why I was … Read More »

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To Knock off the Pounds, Pack on the Produce

I’ve been helping women lose weight and keep it off for over two decades. One of the cornerstones of my weight loss and wellness program, The Self-Compassion Solution is: Eat more fruits and vegetables. So when a study titled: “Increased Fruit and Vegetable Intake Has No Discernible Effect On Weight … Read More »

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The Bikini Body Diet

Summer’s here, and we’re drowning in the usual deluge of diet ads, before and after photoshopped shapes and diet-Docs pushing diet pills, slimming supplements and esoteric eating plans. And don’t forget the bikini body mommies claiming they’ve lost 100 pounds and their stretch marks just six weeks postpartum with baby … Read More »

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Dangerous Diet Pills

On my website, I work daily with women who are struggling with weight loss. Without fail every week at least one of my members asks, “Isn’t there a diet pill that works?” Everybody’s looking for a quick fix to loss weight, and the Diet Docs recommending and media … Read More »

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