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Category: Dieting Truths

Meditate, Lose Weight

Fad diets… fail. Counting calories… fail. Diet pills… fail. Soul crushing workouts… fail, fail, fail! Sound familiar? Want to slim down without all the pain, suffering and denial of your favorite foods that dieting requires? Then try a weight loss practice that’s proven to actually work… meditation!     … Read More »

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Maximize Your Motivation

Motivation is essential for overcoming challenges in life. From losing weight and getting in shape, to landing a new job or finding the perfect mate, motivation is key.   The problem is, like water, motivation ebbs and flows. Some days you wake up filled with energy and hope, ready to … Read More »

Categories: Dieting Truths, weight loss, Wellness

The Diabetic & The Dietitian

What do you do when you’ve been a Registered Dietitian for over two decades and your husband develops diabetes? You help him reverse the disease and then you write a book about it. When Michael was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, we discovered there were no books or reference materials … Read More »

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Guilt Free Chocolate

Despite its wonderful benefits many women have a love/hate or what I like to call a fear-based relationship with chocolate. Many women are afraid they’ll go one bite too far, lose control and eat the whole box. As a result, they eat restrictively, denying themselves chocolate as well as other foods that give them pleasure. You can enjoy chocolate without going overboard. The secret is eating mindfully. Read More »

Categories: Dieting Truths, weight loss, Wellness