Are you as sick of talking, thinking and worrying about weight and everything connected with it as I am? I’ve been a Registered Dietitian for 22 years. I’ve spent two decades of my life weighing thousands of women including myself and judged them all by the stupid number on the scale. And all those weigh-ins didn’t make anyone happier or healthier.


WEIGHT takes up a tremendous amount of brain space and has a powerful impact on us emotionally. When it’s down we’re elated, when it’s up we’re filled with self-loathing, and when it stays the same, even though we’ve been dieting and Zumba-ing our butts off, we’re frustrated.


Think about the last time you stepped on the scale and didn’t like what you saw? How did you feel? How did your day go? Heavy days are like bad hair days times 12! Why do we measure our self-worth by our body’s relative mass and allow weight to effect our confidence and how we relate to others?


Spiritually, focusing on weight keeps us heavy and contracted rather than light and expansive. It’s a distraction that prevents us from looking within. ow caWhen we fixate on body size we also lose our spiritual connection with food. Rather than being a source of nourishment, gratitude and pleasure food is reduced to points or calories and becomes an endless source of conflict and confusion.


Escaping the weight trap is tough. As women we are preoccupied with and talk about weight all the time. There’s even a name for this disparaging body discussion: Fat Talk. Research shows that this conversational body shaming drags women down. Yet 90% of college women, even when they aren’t overweight, engage in it. Often were not even aware of our tendency to share weight worries because it happens so often and in so many subtle, seemingly harmless ways. It’s far from harmless. Research shows fat talk increases your risk of body shame, body dissatisfaction and eating-disordered behavior.


From the moment we’re born (okay, after they cut the umbilical cord, make sure we’re breathing and determine whether we’re a boy or girl) we’re weighed. Naked and alone, one of our first sensations is the cold sting of the scale. Welcome to the world!


During adolescents, as we develop curves and naturally gain weight, we become acutely aware and scared of our changing size. By adulthood most women are preoccupied with their weight and dissatisfied with their bodies! As Gloria Steinem puts it:

It’s astonishing how universal the experience of body distortion can be and how hard it is to bring body image and reality closer together, especially for women.


The negative body image epidemic is not our fault. The media and 60 billion dollar diet industry cultivate an unhealthy obsession with weight and thinness so that they can sell us “magic” pills, potions and diets that don’t work. If women stopped worrying about “weight “the diet industry would be out of business.


What we resist persists, what we release finds peace. Which means focusing on what we don’t want actually attracts more of it. The more you fixate on weight the heavier you become. Weight’s a dead end and a horrible barometer for body care! No one is getting lighter worrying about weight.


It’s time to turn the conversation around. is going through it’s own weight loss program. Not in the traditional sense, but in the soulful sense. We’re becoming a weight free zone. I’m going to stop focusing on weight in my writing and the work I do with my clients, and I encourage you to do the same.  Let’s face it losing weight is about as fun as watching paint dry. The insane weight game has gone on for too long and it’s time for it to end.


I invite you to join me by releasing “weight” in your own life. Ask your Self: Who would I be and how would I feel if I went on a true “weight” loss journey?


The potential and possibilities are endless.


First you’d accomplish more. All the time and energy wasted on counting calories, attending Weight Watchers meetings and following fad diets could be devoted to other things—activities you truly cared about and enjoyed.


Well-being and self-esteem would soar! Body hatred would decrease, and you’d start to listen to and love your body. Instead of viewing eating right and exercising as a punishment, you’d discover that taking care of your body is fun and feels good! Emotional eating would be eradicated as you stopped starving yourself and started loving your Self and making sure your own needs were met. The result would be increased energy, vitality and longevity.


Your life would leap forward as you focused on being and doing more. You’d stop putting life on hold and work on finding the right relationship or job and focus on taking steps that make you happy today. Instead of waiting until you were lighter, you’d toss the size too small jeans and buy comfortable clothing that made you feel attractive and sexy right now.


The bottom line is you’d grow and glow. Sound good? To start simply stop focusing on the number between your toes. Then look up and notice how much lighter you feel.


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