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Never Diet Again!

Be healthy, happy and successful… without ever dieting again. That’s right never… diet… again. Repeat three times in your mind. Feels good, doesn’t it? Now, I’m going to show you how we use Self-Compassion Therapy to beat the diet demons here at Smash Your Scale.

Step 1:

I tell the truth about diets and dieting. Dieting does not work and is one of the worst things you can do to your body and mind. Dieting harms your psychological wellbeing and ultimately causes weight gain, not loss. This isn’t just my opinion. It’s a scientific fact! Researchers at UCLA reviewed 31 long-term diet studies lasting between 2 and 5 years and concluded: “The findings reported so far give a bleak picture of the outcomes of diets… Diets do not lead to sustained weight loss or health benefits for the majority of people.” Clear enough? Medical research also shows that skinny people don’t even live longer. Why bother when there’s nothing to gain?

These are examples of the real medical and scientific truths the diet industry suppresses that I make available to our members at Smash Your Scale. Truth is what I do here. That’s why I will never accept advertising on this website. will always remain a safe place where women are free from the constant cascade of food advertising, esteem destroying diet come-ons and photoshopped shapes that don’t exist in real life.

Many of us in the responsible medical community have been trying to stop deceitful “diet-docs” from peddling health destroying, impossible to achieve 30 pounds in 30 days promises. Regrettably, there are many unscrupulous “nutritionists,” grade D celebrities, charlatans pushing diet pills and other swindlers who will hock any bogus potion or notion for a buck. I name names, reveal their frauds, and empower you to protect yourself and your health in my Smash Your Scale, Women’s Wellness Therapy Program, Maximize Your Body, Mind, Self…And Never Diet Again.

Step 2:

Expose how and why the media and diet industries manipulate women to hate our bodies. Here’s one example of how they do it to us. Every day you are bombarded WITH images of skinny women on TV, in movies, magazines and on the Internet. You compare yourself to these “perfect” air brushed, photoshopped images and of course are left feeling inadequate. This psychological phenomenon is called social comparison and occurs subconsciously. You don’t even realize it’s happening unless you’ve been taught how to recognize the pattern. Yes, I teach you how in my Women’s Wellness Therapy Program.

Fear not, the diet industry is there with the answer to all your anxieties… another diet! Yes, this diet will really work this time. This diet will really change your life. Everything will be better and happier if you just try one more diet… and another… and another… and another. When the diet doesn’t work you blame yourself, not the diet, and feel worse than before you started the diet. So you begin another search for the “right” diet that will work this time. And the music plays on… over and over again. It’s time to smash that song.

Once they have you on the diet merry-go-round the music never stops because the diet industry needs you to fail. Their whole business model depends on you failing again and again, throwing more dollars down the diet drain, attempting to meet some “perfect weight” or “thin ideal” defined by a man, probably pudgy. I discuss this deviant dichotomy — fat men telling healthy women to lose weight – and how to turn off their manipulative messaging in my Women's Wellness Therapy Program and during my online support sessions

We live in a diet obsessed, thin-centric media culture. We fixate on calories and carbs; buy millions of diet books, watch weight loss reality TV (which isn’t real at all), and devour celebrity magazines stuffed with stories about the expanding and contracting waistlines of the rich, famous and lipo-sucked. Americans spend an estimated $62 billion on weight loss annually. That’s more than we spend on pets ($53 billion), movie tickets ($10 billion) and shoes ($48 billion). While pets, movies, and shoes bring us pleasure, diets only offer false hope, despair and depression as your health erodes. It doesn’t have to be this way. By joining Smash Your Scale you can end diet depression and desperation and help change our society so no woman ever feels ashamed of her body again!

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Step 3:

Reveal the truth about YOU: You are beautiful right now. You don’t have to diet and lose weight to be healthy, happy, attractive, desirable and successful. How can you be any of those positive things when diets make you miserable, stressed, tired, grumpy and ashamed when you step on the scale? And in the end diets never really work, do they? Don’t just take my word for it; remember the last time you tried a weight loss pill, potion or fad diet? You believed the lies even though you knew they sounded too good to be true. You convinced yourself this diet was going to be different than all the rest. Like problem gamblers, we women keep putting dollars into the diet slot machine hoping this time we’ll win the jackpot and finally be 5’10” and weigh 120 pounds. Sister, it ain’t gonna happen. Save your money and start investing in yourself.

Step 4:

Help you to feel better about your body and self! My groundbreaking research shows that women can heal their negative body image, reduce body dissatisfaction, shame and increase body appreciation through self-compassion. Research also suggests that self-compassion may help you lose weight by reducing the tendency to binge eat. Yes, lose weigh too, through praciting self-compassion therapy. I will show you how.

Based on my research and over 20 years of experience working with women like you, I’ve put together a complete step-by step program that will finally empower you to stop dieting, curtail emotional eating and maximize your health. Let me show you how to treat your body, self and health with the kindness and care you deserve. The program is FREE with your membership. Simply join me for only 14.95 and start your diet free journey to health and happiness today.

My mission is simple: To serve the Smash Community, reveal diet deceptions and the manipulative marketing tactics that keep women on the diet hamster-wheel. I will help you dump dieting and get healthy in mind, body and spirit.


Ever see a happy dieter? I didn’t think so.

Join us. You’ll be glad you did. That’s a promise, me to you. Only 14.95. Let’s do it together. There’s never a better time than now.

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