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Women's Wellness Therapy Program

I’ve assembled the best therapeutic tools and techniques available to build this powerful, one-of-a-kind program to free you from diet oppression and scale anxiety, transform your body image, maximize wellbeing and increase longevity. My Women’s Wellness Therapy Program focuses on both physical and psychological change. It will enable you to live a healthier, happier, scale free life at the weight that’s right for you without diets, dangerous supplements or soul crushing workouts.

How the Program Works

The WWTP incorporates Self-Compassion Therapy and consists of 7 Levels, each designed to work with and build on the one before. That’s why it’s key for you to move forward chronologically and not skip any levels. Each level of the program contains 6 to 12 sequential modules. These are therapeutic modules. It’s important that you follow the schedule I’ve developed to maximize the positive therapeutic impact, one module per week. If you need more time, that’s fine. Smash is a judgment free zone where you’ll never feel pressure to do anything you don’t want to. The important thing is: do not rush through. Absorb the material. Think, reflect and record your responses as directed. Observe the changes you are experiencing. No prize for finishing first. The BIG prize is diet free weight loss and life improvement, and there’s no timetable on that.

The 7 Levels of Smash are:

Level 1: Smash Your Scale™

A behind the scenes look at how the diet industry manipulates women for profit and an in-depth analysis illustrating how dieting endangers your health. Break your diet, smash your scale and free yourself, forever.

Level 2: Dissatisfaction to Acceptance: Healing Negative Body Image

End body hatred, dissatisfaction and shame. You will learn to love and accept your body and self, which is fundamental for real change and transformation.

Level 3: Learning How To Eat Again… Wisely With Relish, Hold the Pickle

Make peace with food and discover a healthy approach to eating that’s fun, enjoyable, sustainable and satisfying. Overcome all your food struggles from emotional eating to food cravings with Dr. A’s positive weight management program. It’s time to enjoy food, friends and fun again!

Level 4: Optimizing Wellness: Feeling Good, Inside and Out

Feel great and reclaim your active, attractive, strong body. Dr. A will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses as you create your own personal wellness vision and success blueprint under her guidance.

Level 5: GOALS

Explore your social, emotional, occupational, spiritual and intellectual needs and develop a specific action plan to reach your personal and professional goals. With Dr. A’s help of course.

Level 6: Empowerment – It’s Show Time!

Become your best you. Overcome fears and challenges. Discover your relaxed, creative mind and how to apply your new power to produce and direct a passion filled life you love.

Level 7: Harmony

With your body image makeover complete experience joy, love and peace as we unite body, mind and soul in perfect harmony to maximize prosperity and longevity.


Work Directly With Dr. A

While you would pay an average of $100 per hour or more to see a qualified nutritionist, therapist or wellness coach, you can work with me for FREE when you are a member. You can attend as many webinars as you like where I will answer your questions, guide you, provide coaching, counseling and actionable information on nutrition, fitness and women’s health. Every week I hold numerous live sessions that you can attend for free from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Click on my calendar to see some of the live events you get for FREE when you join Smash.

If you prefer, you can also visit me on the private Smash Community Board where I answer questions and help members reach their highest potential. Unlike diet sites with “spokespersons,” that don’t actually speak personally to you, you have access to a real, qualified, licensed medical professional that is here to help, guide and motivate you to reach and maintain your weight management and health goals!

I didn’t sell my face for a quick buck as so many others do. This is my job. This is my calling. This is my joy… to help women break out of the diet dungeon, get healthy and happy in mind, body and spirit so you can reach your greatest potential.

The Only Goal is You

As you can see, I’ve designed the program with only one goal in mind… your success. The Women’s Wellness Therapy Program works because it is a scientific, medical and psychological, evidence-based solution that I have developed over the past 20 years of working with women like you. Wellness is a connection of two paths: knowledge and action. I can help you make that connection and start your wellness journey today. I hope you join us on this exciting, healthful journey.